Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Feeding Stations 2011

The bridge over Greenfields Rise, just outside Whitchurch Country Park, and another water vole latrine I spotted on the bank below. Great news as the mink last year cleared this stretch.

Feeding at the bridge by Homebase.

Field at the back of Queensway/Saddlers Walk, and below, feeding stations in the ditch there.

Took a stroll down the back of Queensway/Saddler's Walk and as usual the tiny ditch is full of water vole feeding stations. I wish there was some ratio of working out feeding to colony numbers as there's supposed to be with latrines, but however you slice it, it looks like a lot of voles.

Getting regular sightings near Homebase now - these will peter out as the reeds quickly grow impenetrable - and in the field off Edgeley Road. If you take a walk along that brook early morning or evening, you hear one water vole after another plopping into the stream, and the banks are now full of latrines as the females set out their territories.

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