Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Rat and Water Vole Burrows

Latrine right near the field entrance - obviously the voles are extending their territories.

Literally dozens of burrows now in the field off Edgeley Road. They are so neat they look as if they've been machine-cut, and it's easy to tell they're in use because of the nibbled grass round the edges and the clear entrance ways (old burrows tend to clog up with leaves and rubbish). Rat burrows, though a similar size, are not as tidy and tend to have heaps of soil outside.


Anonymous said...

I had a feeding Water Vole today whilst fishing a pool at Coton (farm opposite Coton Oaks - Robert Huxley's).
I think it was feeding on Yellow Flag.
There is a stream running adjacent to the farm track which is presumably used by Water Voles.
I have reported the sighting to Malcolm Monie.
Howard Prince.

Kate said...

Fantastic! Thanks for letting us know.