Sunday, 17 April 2011


Debbie's voles, from the Staggs Brook as it goes under the railway bridge near Homebase. This sighting is especially heartening as two years ago, after a good start to the year, this colony had mysteriously disappeared by late summer.

Vole-feeding at the back of Wayland Road.

Water vole latrine at the back of Wayland Road.

A less happy sight.

Discovered diesel coming into the ditch by Grocontinental, from out of a pipe under the lorry park. I've asked the Environment Agency to have a look as it's pooling round near a lot of water vole burrows/feeding/latrines. I imagine the voles will have to vacate the area till the oil disperses - hope they haven't got young in the burrows already. It may even mean voles are poisoned, I'm not sure. Any water contamination you spot should be reported immediately via the EA's 24 hour incident helpline (see link on right).

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