Tuesday, 21 September 2010

White Lion Meadow Update

Feeding at Edward German Drive - slanted chewed-off stalks.

Feeding at White Lion Meadow.

White Lion Meadow in October 2010
When I began this blog, it was mainly to chart the fortunes of the water voles who lived by the main town car park, an area known as White Lion Meadow. Back in December 2007, the brook looked like this: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_1aMLXVhB_OQ/RZUMjokTJ3I/AAAAAAAAABI/EgpZVW9xf9g/s1600-h/brookbridge.jpg However, it's become increasingly overgrown which means it's been a lot harder to spot whether the voles are there or not. For this reason I early on broadened the scope of the blog to look at other colonies around north Shropshire, concentrating on Whitchurch and Whixall. This year I've focused mainly on the fields adjacent to Edgeley Road, a colony which is particularly strong, and one that's critical to the overall health of the Whitchurch water vole meta-population.
However, a quick check tonight reveals at least some feeding going on at WLM, and I think it is water vole rather than field vole. There's feeding too along Edward German Drive, and burrows and slipways, so the signs are that colony has done OK this year.


womagwriter said...

Good news about the WLM colony. It is very overgrown isn't it? Do they like it as overgrown as that, or would they thrive more if it were cut back a little?

Kate said...

It would benefit from some maintenance - vole-friendly, of course. So only one bank worked on at a time, and plants only strimmed to 10-15cm high. More detail for councils and other landowners here: http://staggsbrook.blogspot.com/2010/02/management-of-watercourse-banks-what-do.html

womagwriter said...

Thanks Kate, keep up the good work!