Thursday, 16 September 2010

Hugh the Hedgehog Man

Me with a bit of field vole feeding


Fun day out meeting Hugh Warwick, hedgehog-enthusiast and journalist and author of the charming book A Prickly Affair: My Life with Hedgehogs. It had been raining all morning and, though I'd told him with supreme confidence we'd be tripping over field signs, when we got to the field we found that all the latrines and most of the feeding stations had been washed away. The place I normally sat to watch for voles was under water.
So we set up camp on a different, drier stretch, and had barely unfolded the camp stool when a water vole appeared and fed very near us, followed by another ambling further up the bank. I think the rising water levels had actually worked in our favour because the burrows were probably unusable in the short term, forcing the voles up onto the surface.


hedgehoghugh said...

Dear Kate - what a lovely day it was too - thank you for taking time from you very busy life to share the wonders of water voles with me. I am just a little surprised that you did not mention your suggestion to me that I would not need to wear Wellington Boots!! My shoes have since dried!
thanks again
Hugh x

Kate said...

I didn't know we were going into quite such boggy territory! If it's any consolation, I got a shoe-full myself last night.