Sunday, 14 March 2010

Hawks and ducks

A bridleway near Ash



Trackway with footprints

Prints at White Lion Meadow car park

Wren at White Lion Meadow

Woke this morning to a pair of mallards on our garden pond, and then later on this small, probably male, sparrowhawk eating a starling on the lawn.
A walk down to Tesco's showed possible water footprints in the brook nearby, and a later search round the fields near Grocontinental revealed more prints and a couple of latrines. I heard a frog calling, too, which probably means we're due for a pond full of amphibian orgy any week now.


Dave said...

Not long now before some "in the flesh" sightings by the look of things. And it's nice to see some WLM activity.

I thought we'd lost all our frogs but I cleaned the pond out and found 10 zombies - not sure if they will be up to much this year, though.

Kate said...

Fingers crossed for the frogs! I think everything's a couple of weeks behind this year.