Saturday, 19 July 2008

Whixall and the Prees Branch Canal

Young vole sitting just about where NSDC want to install a drainage pipe!

Male banded demoiselle, Pres Branch canal

White legged damselflies, Prees Branch Canal

Female large skipper

Prints on the raft at the marina end of the canal

A little feeding.
Not as much feeding - at at least, not as much visible feeding - at the Prees Branch canal, and also some worrying prints on the raft near the marina. Obviously this needs investigating, so I'm seeking an ID from a friend. Then again, the lady who lives in the cottage at the other end said she saw two water voles this week in the vegetation by her house.

Lots of insects by the canal; Whixall's a wonderful area for wildlife.
Came back to Whitchurch and spotted this young water vole by the railway bridge.
Update: my WAB friend Mark thinks the prints aren't mink because there's too small a gap between toe pads, and "palm" pad, toe pad spread is too small, and there are no claw marks. It might be a cat, which isn't ideal for w-vs, but it's nothing like as disastrous as mink.

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