Thursday, 10 July 2008

Good Practice by North Shropshire District Council

In response to my post about strimming, I've had some really helpful correspondence with NSDC. Tim Sneddon, Street Scene Manager, had this to say:

As you are probably aware North Shropshire District Council are indeed vole-savvy. As part of our commitment to promoting biodiversity all sites are appropriately managed to promote the widest range of flora and fauna possible. We go to considerable lengths and have changed our operating practices to accommodate water voles on land we are responsible for. We work with both English Nature and the Shropshire Wildlife Trust (SWT) on this and our Pest Control officer has attended SWT meetings, in Whitchurch, to ensure we only treat target pests and not water voles. We will continue with this approach and wherever the opportunity arises develop it further. If there is any guidance you may wish us to consider please let me know and we will.

Isn't this great? Three cheers for forward-thinking councils like this, and let's hope their joined-up approach to environmental management is reflected across the country.


Nik's Blog said...

Yes, well done them!


Kate said...

Just trying to work out now who did the strimming, so we can talk to them about leaving a slightly wider margin in future.

The trouble is, there are so many bodies who might be involved with this kind of maintenance - town councils and district councils and county councils, for a kick off, and then Welsh Water and the EA and private landowners etc etc...

Nik's Blog said...

I can imagine! Still, at least the ball's rolling now.