Friday, 3 August 2007

This morning we laid two mink rafts on a stretch of canal as a monitoring measure, and while we were there we did a survey of the banks. Viv and Colin from Shropshire Wildlife Trust used the boat to view the extreme edge of the vegetation, and Albert and Malcolm investigated from the path side. Plenty of latrines and feeding stations, I'm pleased to report, and several burrows, some of them into clumps of reed rather than earth. Last year SWT members planted apple trees at intervals to provide extra food for the voles, and all the saplings were looking healthy.
Meanwhile, John Harding and Rosie Rees filmed the activity for posting on Youtube. Here's another of John's clips of the Whitchurch water voles in action:
Oh, and the trolleys are gone from White Lion Meadow: I assume it's the council I have to thank for this. Well done NSDC.


Dave said...

Yes, well done if you've got the Council on board.

Watch the mossies on the Prees Branch - I'm sure it was there one gnashed through quite thick denim!

Kate said...

If it wasn't the council, maybe the person who cleared the trolleys could let me know?

What I neglected to say about my raft was that I hadn't prepared the clay insert because I thought it would be a 2 min job, whereas in fact you have to trim the oasis, leave it to soak etc. So I've stuck the raft in and I'm going back tonight to slot the basket in. Doh.

Kate said...

Clay insert now in place if any of the Whitchurch Water Vole team are reading this. :)