Monday, 6 August 2007

Hooray for the EA

The good news is that the lady from the Environment Agency doesn't think the oil is there in sufficient quantities to be a wildlife threat. The even better news is that she's going to approach Tesco about the trolleys in the brook as an offence is being committed. There are currently four trolleys in the stretch between the store itself and the bridge behind Waylands Road, and three of them have clearly been there for ages. The bottom picture I took in April but reproduce, showing that the voles' habitat was directly affected by this form of pollution.


Dave said...

Good news on the spillage being not so serious and on the EA having a word with Tescos - hopefully they’ll do the biz. If so it’s a sad lesson for all – don’t negotiate when someone with a bit more clout can do it for you.

Nik's Blog said...

Good news all round then. Marvellous.

Kate said...

Let's hope so!