Monday, 5 March 2007

Name That Reed

Some signs of feeding by the burrow near the pipe. I've included a close-up showing the characteristic 45 degree cut water voles make (click on the left-hand photo to make it bigger). What is that reed? Does anyone know?

Trolley's still there.


Dave said...

We've got a big clod of something similar in our pond, and I think it's just a common rush.

I'd be surer if I could see the seed heads but they're a few months away.

Kate said...

I've been informed it's probably juncus. This is what the voles go mad for round Danson's pond, too.

Dave said...

Yes, Juncus Conglomeratus aka Common Rush.

Good for weaving coasters and the like.

Kate said...


Dave said...

Sorry, I've got one out. It's not woven at all - just stiched onto a backing.