Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Curious bird

I think it's a redwing. A pair of grey wagtails and a blackbird with a white head haunt the trees at the back of the fire station; a wren lives in the ivy that runs up the side of Centre North East, and last night I saw a goldcrest having a drink in the brook.
Lots of vole latrines about now, and prints on both sides going down from the east culvert down as far as the overhanging willow trees on the Tesco side.
The banks are still dreadully bare, though. I was watching a video I took last year in June, and the difference between the state of the vegetation then (lush as a jungle) and now is incredible.


Howard said...

You are correct it is a Redwing.

Kate said...

Jolly little chaps, aren't they?