Thursday, 14 June 2018

Tons of voles, and a weasel

This water vole has an injury to its eye, but the cut is healing well and the vole seems fine.

This water vole is a young adult, in tip top condition.

Various latrines. Very often the presence of feasting slugs will indicate where there's trampled poo!

Four Spotted Chaser?

Green Hairstreak

Slow worm

Excitingly, lots of water vole latrines at Cuckoo Corner, Whixhall Moss.

I put a trail cam out to watch a burrow where activity had declined, and caught this weasel on film! So perhaps the voles have shifted up- or down-stream.

The lovely rounded bottom of a vole.

A climbing vole at White Lion Meadow! They are not built for acrobatics, and
 often fall off into the water.

An adult vole that seems to be blind in one eye. It could be another fighting injury.

Not a great photo, but the first one of a baby vole this year.

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