Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Out at Yockings Gate

 The brook as it passes through Yockings Gate, coming down from Blakemere. 
Lots of vegetation to hide in and eat means happy voles!

Water vole droppings at the timber yard

 Feeding at the timber yard

Edgeley Road vole

I haven't had a clear sighting of a vole at Yockings Gate, but when I was up there last something was hunkered down in the vegetation, chewing a stalk of reed noisily and in a way that made the stalk fall like a tree being felled. That's water vole, for sure.

Similarly, it's been a few weeks since I had a sighting at the timber yard or White Lion Meadow, but there's vole-feeding and -poo about, so I know they're there!


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Perhaps they are holding out on you offering them a bigger appearance fee

Kate said...

That could be it!