Sunday, 2 October 2016

Shutting Down for the Winter

 Edgeley Road vole

 Badger latrine

 Small Copper butterfly

 Moss? Lichen? Fungus?

Red Admiral butterfly

 Red deer stag

 Small Tortoiseshell butterfly

 Squirrel in our garden, burying acorns

Starlings gathering

As usual, this blog will go quiet for the winter while the voles are underground. Fingers crossed we're up and running next March!


Richard said...

Another water vole season passed - how time flies when taking photos of small mammal poo

Enjoy your time off from blogging and looking forward to the voles return in spring

LaPré DelaForge said...

"Moss, Lichen, Fungus"
All three if you allow that lichens are both fungus and algae!
The lichen is one of the Cladonia group... a.k.a Pixies Caps.... but the moss I know not... possibly Pincushion Moss, restricted in that groove.

Have a good winter... see you and your voles next year!!

Kate said...

Thanks, both! Re the lichen, I had no idea!