Monday, 5 October 2015

Squeezing the Last Drops out of Summer.

 Common lizard

Very juvenile newt 

 Field voles

 Prees Heath

Meadow Pipit


 Fly agaric

 Common frog

Juvenile smooth newt 

 Small tortoiseshell

Shaggy ink cap

Common toad


WendyB said...

Lovely photos! (I've never had a field vole stay still long enough to get a pic, they are SO zippy....)

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Great photos, lizards are not a common sight round this part of the world! It's a lovely patch you have.

Kate said...

Thank you! We're lucky because we have three nature reserves within easy reach, and a couple of fabulous brownfield sites.

Teresa Ashby said...

I was so pleased to find you have a blog after reading your interview in Protect. Lovely photos. I was looking at shaggy ink caps yesterday and wondered what they were called - now I know! xx