Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Why is a Vole like a Squid?

 The cloud of sediment that sometimes tells you you've just missed a water vole.


 Common Blue

 Small Copper

 Red Admiral


 Juvenile common newts, found under an abandoned suitcase on a brownfield site (Mile Bank)

 Large White

 Holly Blue

 Chocolate Tip

 Privet Hawk moth

 Ragged Robin

 Grass snake

OK, water voles don't produce their own ink cloud, but they do rely on a cloud of sediment they kick up to escape from predators.


Ian Doyle said...

Nice collection of photos Kate.

Kate said...

Thank you!

charles said...

Hello, I saw a water vole yesterday on the Avon, just above Old Sarum. It did exactly what you r photographs show!

Kate said...

Cool! Let the local Wildlife Trust know.