Saturday, 23 August 2014


The voles have definitely been shyer this last fortnight. I suspect a predator myself - that stoat, maybe - but nevertheless there's still a fair amount of activity about.


WendyB said...

Still very few sightings here - but, they are hanging on!! Great to keep seeing your lovely photos anyway. I saw an unusually dark water vole, quite large so not a baby, about halfway along the ditch on Saturday. It was my first sighting at all for 2 weeks, and the first in that particular area in over 6 weeks.

As for predators, as well as the grass snake sighting, I've seen a pike in the ditch myself now, lurking close to the bank - others have seen more than one in there, adult and juveniles... (Have decided the college cat wouldn't get through the brambles and down the steep embankment and into the vole-zone - no-one has ever seen it that close, or even at all, recently.. Good!)

Kate said...

As young grow and disperse you do get fewer sightings. But it sounds as if yours are hanging in, like mine.