Saturday, 29 March 2014


At this time of year the voles are still very nervous and I'm only getting quick glimpses. Plenty of burrows appearing, though!


WendyB said...

Yes, quite nervous here too - yesterday evening I just saw a little face pop out of a newly excavated hole, sniff the air briefly, and then gone, back indoors. I saw another w-v with the help of binoculars - much further away, and swimming rapidly back to base camp. Then a 'splosh' as it dived under, not to be seen again.

Delighted to have spotted my first w-v latrine (also with the help of binos, as all the activity is on the far bank of the ditch). Having heard your Radio 4 piece, I knew to look for "tic tac sized poos"... and also saw the little footprints in the rather skiddy surface where the voles had been trampling them, to make them smell more and so mark out their territory! Lovely?!

I keep seeing some very zippy little mice too, amongst some ivy and tree roots. Plus there are green and great spotted woodpeckers about. Great time of year!

Kate said...

Sounds like it's all going on! I've only ever seen one green woodpecker - amazing birds.