Saturday, 25 January 2014

The RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch - a family affair

Want to get your kids/teens/reluctant partner involved in counting garden birds? Offer sneaky incentives. As well as stocking up with bird food for the survey hour, I always get in various treats for the rest of the family. I don't insist anyone joins me, but I keep the kitchen warm and have some comedy playing on the radio or iPod, and one by one they come and pick up the binoculars and start spotting. It's a very comfy way to birdwatch but the survey results are important so at the same time we feel we're doing a useful job. This year we had very few birds and only eight species. That doesn't matter, though. The RSPB needs all the records they can get hold of.

Our 2014 results?
5 jackdaws
1 coal tit
4 house sparrows
4 wood pigeons
2 blackbirds
2 robins
2 blue tits
1 dunnock


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

One day I will get to do the birdwatch, work always seems to prevent me. My result would be about the same as yours, throw in some long tiled tits and the odd blackcop

Kate said...

I love LTTs!