Saturday, 14 September 2013

It's All About Me

 Droppings in the bottom right corner

A bit of own-trumpet-blowing now: I'm thrilled to say I've won the Bizmums Environmental Mum of the Year Award. I can't tell you what a boost this is, especially after last week's strimming issues. Took myself down to the brook to tell the voles - and I'm aware I'm sounding like Urk from Cold Comfort Farm - and was pleased to see lots of latrines all the way along, even at the pallet end which is quite shady and not ideal habitat. Then this vole appeared and swam about happily.

Next week's task will be to send a letter to Gladman consultants about the development proposed off Tilstock Road. Yes, we need new houses, and yes, it's a sensible site, but the planners and builders will have to follow the rules so that the voles on Mossfields (the back of Saddlers Walk) are protected and the law isn't broken.


Square Sparrow said...

Sincere congrats on your award - well deserved. Really enjoy reading about the voles in your life :-) Hope they were suitably impressed when you told them about your win!

Kate said...

Thank you. I was pretty pleased myself! X