Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Wonderful Book About Wildlife

The paperback of Hugh Warwick's The Beauty in the Beast is now out and you can buy it at your local indie bookshop, at the big chains, or here:

What's lovely about this book is not only its uplifting and good-humoured tone, and the fact it contains an entire chapter on the Whitchurch Water Voles, but that the new edition contains a foreword by the groovy Dr Brian May. You can read it on Hugh's blog here:

In other news, my rescue-hedgehog has now been released and seems to be staying around the garden. I marked him plus another hog who visits, so I can keep tabs on them both, and last night yet another unmarked hog was at the dish of peanuts and mealworms. I am reporting all sightings to - really important they get this sort of information so they can monitor the true rate of decline in the species and take some steps to tackle it.

I also had a water vole sighting yesterday, but only a flash so no photo.

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Editors At Work said...

Thanks for posting about these books, Kate. Sounds interesting.

All the best!