Tuesday, 15 January 2013

EarthLines magazine

There's a lovely feature in this gorgeous environmental magazine based on Hugh Wawick's book, The Beauty in the Beast.

The piece talks about how certain animals ignite a passion for nature, and as with the book, I'm listed for my vole-obsession. Hugh kindly calls About A Brook "one of the most exciting blogs on the internet" - despite its very niche remit! He also recounts the story of how my interest in water voles first came about: that as an 8 year old on holiday with my parents, we spotted a water vole as we crossed a bridge between a car park and a shopping centre. We watched the animal for five minutes, then my mother said we had to go. I flat-refused, and in the end they went off and left me for half an hour to ogle this vole. It really was love at first sight.

EarthLines magazine itself is gorgeous and I can't help thinking a subscription would make a brilliant gift for any wildlife enthusiast. Check it out here: http://www.earthlines.org.uk/

To read more of Hugh's work, you can visit his own hedgehog blog here: http://www.urchin.info/

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