Sunday, 26 August 2012

Native Predators


Greenfields water vole survey: these tiny mud-coloured droppings (lower right) are what we're looking for

...and this is where we're looking, in amongst this vegetation. Needle in a haystack doesn't come close.

It's helpful when animals leave their scat on prominent places

as this Grindley Brook otter has done.

I was watching for water voles and seeing none when this polecat slunk past on the far bank. All mustelids will take a vole if they get the opportunity, and there are already weasels and otters recorded for this stretch. However I'm hoping the polecat doesn't impact too far on the Edgeley Road colony. There are good vole numbers here, at least.


Richard said...


I have seen dead polecats on the road near us, but it is a privilege seeing one in the wild.
I have seen weasels and stoats hunting water voles and they have not had any affect on the local water vole population, so I doubt (although I am not an expert) if the polecat will have any large affect on your water vole populations, which seem very strong and unable to survive a bit of predation.

Kate said...

Yes, numbers here are very good. Interesting discussion on the subject here: