Sunday, 8 July 2012

Prees Heath

Great news: my friend Rosie says she saw a mother water vole carrying three babies, one after another, from one burrow to another. I''ve never spotted this myself, though I know mums do move young when water levels rise, to higher and safer burrows. In fact there's a charming 1950s Ladybird book about it called The Sleepy Water Vole. Meanwhile I'm still getting Edgeley Road voles coming right up and either attacking my bag or my litter picker. If I clear my throat, they soon scoot off.

In non-vole news, I took a walk on Prees Heath last night and saw lots of the rare Silver Studded Blues, plus some Heath Brown butterflies, and adult and larval Cinnebar moths. It's an amazing habitat, full or rabbits and (I gather) stoats.

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