Sunday, 8 January 2012

Voling 2012

 Whose prints?

 Whose burrow?

 Whose feeding?

Took a walk down to the fields on either side of the railway track to see if anything was stirring yet. There are prints - but are they rat? And burrows - ditto. Plenty of feeding signs, too, but that could be field vole (I saw a field vole run past as I was peering down a bank).
Time will tell. Weather/temperature permitting, I'd expect to see water vole latrines appearing within the next couple of months. They are the best indicator of w-v presence, bar an actual sighting.

1 comment:

Harry Singh said...

A brook of intrigue!

So early; but so mild.

I suspect our frogs will be making a false start someday soon, and I’m sure I saw a collared dove squiggling down on its nest yesterday.