Sunday, 24 October 2010

Deadly Enemy

Took a walk round Whitchurch Country Park, checking the bridge for signs of otter, water vole or mink. There was nothing at all, only very possibly a tiny bit of w-v feeding, but it could have been field vole. Just outside the park, however, there was mink scat on the kerb stone of the canal by the lift-up bridge. This isn't great news.
It's my sincere hope that the Wildlife Trust will put some system in place whereby mink are prevented from coming onto the reserve off the canal. Otherwise the water voles in this area - if they come back after this year's massacre - seemed doomed again.


Mel said...

Of all the blogs in all of cyberworld... I googled Shropshire/Otters and landed here. I didn't realise until I saw your pic at the side:)

I was going to e-mail you about the otters. I can't stop thinking about them since you mentioned your friend said there were some by the English bridge. I'm desperate to see one/some but I realise they're very shy. Have you heard of any other sightings anywhere locally?

Kate said...

Him Mel! Nice to see you here.

Try emailing the wildlife trust, or pop in there and have a chat if you're passing. I've spent hundreds of hours sitting silently by river banks and never yet seen an otter, even where I know they're about. I think you have to be really lucky, or know the exact right time and place.