Sunday, 4 July 2010

Voles are like Buses

It's ages since I posted a latrine pic - so there you are. Don't say I never treat you.

Ringlet (I think)

Burnet moth
You wait for ages and then two turn up and once. An hour and nothing but a flash by my feet of what was either the baby water vole, or possibly a bank vole, I couldn't tell which. Then, just as I was about to pack up, two large adults came round the corner practically nose to tail. One carried on up the stream, and the other hung around and ate some apple.


kath said...

I had this strange feeling something had been missing in my life for a while. I pop in here - and there it is. A poo picture. Thank you - good to see life still goes on.

Love the other pics too!

Kate said...