Saturday, 19 June 2010

A Tale of Two Voles

Watched this baby vole creep forward and sniff the apple, only to miss out then to a big adult that swept in and scooped up the goodies (fourth photo down). But the younger vole was right to be cautious, and it did manage to salvage a bit of leftover after the other had gone.
A quick scoot round Black Park Road yesterday revealed loads of feeding stations, and when I followed the brook up to Yockings Gate that area now looks very promising, but it's private land so I couldn't get down to the banks and poke about. I had several sightings there in 2007, but that section was dug out fairly radically and has taken till now to recover.


Sarah Salway said...

Oh Kate, these are wonderful. And now I want to get straight outside! Didn't hear the cuckoo in earlier video though, will just have to watch that again!

Kate said...

You might have to turn up the volume reeeeeally high!