Friday, 21 May 2010

Voles Getting Busy

Voles from the ditch near Grocontinental.

Feeding and latrine in the field off Edgeley Road

Rat poo (left) and water vole poo (right)

Feeding station at Black Park Road.

Water vole dropping at the end of Waylands Road, next to the railway line.

Tiny bit of fresh feeding at White Lion Meadow - but still getting rat sightings.

This folded leaf contains a newt egg.

Common newt in our pond - we're still looking out for our Great Crested!
Lots of activity at Black Park Road (feeding), in the field off Edgeley Road (absolutely LOADS of latrines suddenly) and in the ditch near Grocontinental (three sightings in the last two days). I've also found water vole droppings and feeding at the end of Waylands Road, under the railway bridge by Homebase, despite the rats. Even at White Lion Meadow there's a little bit of feeding going on.

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