Thursday, 22 April 2010

Prees Branch Canal 2010

Feeding station at the Prees Branch Canal

The plastic mesh baskets holding sodden oasis that keeps the clay moist and ready to take paw prints

Tracking cartridges covered in cling film and soaking in water to keep them fresh
I should have renewed the tracking pads on the mink rafts before, but I finally made it down to the Prees Branch Canal nature reserve and refreshed the inserts with new smooth clay. On one raft was water vole feeding, and on the other, water vole droppings, and there was feeding all the way between. It looks as though that colony's off to a sound start.
All the photographs of voles are taken at White Lion Meadow car park.


Richard said...

Those photos are great - you'll soon be having one of your pictures on a stamp.

Kate said...

I wish! Terry puts us all to shame. :-)

I've invested in a new 'bridge' camera with 24X optical zoom because I use my camera nearly every day. It's set to automatic and I just point and shoot.

I did sign up for a digital photography course once, but not enough people turned up so it was cancelled.

Richard said...

Can I ask the manufacturer? I've been toying with the idea of one of those for a while.
24x zoom would be great

Kate said...

It's a Kodak EasyShare Z980. I've been using the EasyShare software for a few years and though it's far from perfect, I'm used to it and I'm happy with the enhancement features and cropping etc.

Mainly the camera's foolproof, which is a bonus for me!