Wednesday, 9 September 2009

A productive evening's voling

A fairly clear print at the bottom of the picture, and droppings at the top left side.

Latrine in the ditch near Grocontinental. Thanks goodness for a zoom lens as it was way too far down the bank for me to reach!

Feeding at Edward German Drive. There were several feeding stations, but I couldn't get them into focus as they were behind reeds.

The product of an hour's walk around three water vole haunts.


Richard said...

Good to see you've still got sightings.
I haven't seen a water vole for the last two weeks.

Kate said...

They do get hard to spot towards the end of the year. I've seen them at the start of November, and intermittently during October, but in general everything starts to tail off towards autumn, in my experience.

Unless you're somewhere like Cromford, of course. ;-)