Sunday, 3 May 2009

This afternoon

White Lion Meadow vole from this afternoon

Latrine at Greenfields Rise (left hand side of the bridge as you turn in)

Latrine at Greenfields Rise (right hand side of the bridge)

Rat spotted at the railway bridge near Homebase - note the pointy muzzle and white feet.

Our WLM vole again - blunt muzzle and black feet, for comparison with the rat.


Steve said...

Hi Kate, you asked about Slow Worms. Best way of finding them is by laying small sheets of corrugated iron or roofing felt in warm patches of ground (near cover) These are called refugia and in the right places will attract reptiles. I have laid a few on my patch and elsewhere - it helps me find slow worm, snakes and lizards. Try it out!

Kate said...

Great, thanks! They have them at Whixall Moss, which is where we found our lizard. The Moss managers put them down. I never thought to use them myself.