Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Spring signs, and an old friend

Finally we have a bit of warm weather, and there are some promising signs by White Lion Meadow car park. This feeding by the bridge, with its classic slanted ends; a lot of prints (see the trackway, third photo down); and what I'm fairly sure is a water vole latrine, though I couldn't get very near to see any detail.
And here's our blackbird again - this must be his fourth year, I think.


Anonymous said...

It's nice to see "Queen Vic" again - sorry, it's probably nothing like.

We saw our first frog in the pond today - it's amazing how they can survive in such icy shallow water.

And as for spring signs the supermarket has had Easter eggs on display for four weeks now! But I think they're a bit premature.

Are you ready to deploy the spoons yet?

Kate said...

Wow, first frog!

Lorcan (from Whitchurch Water Vole Group) is coming over on Saturday and we're going to give his version of the spoon a test run. I'll let you know how we go on!