Sunday, 7 September 2008

More on this ditch

A water vole from the London Wetland Centre (picture copyright Laurence Arnold)

The ditch on the other side of the culvert - stacks of feeding here.

Great spotted woodpecker drilling a telegraph pole


A fresh water vole dropping

I had a sighting here yesterday afternoon, though it was only a flash because this ditch - like everywhere - is lush with vegetation which keeps the voles safe from prying eyes. There's a lot going on in this field: I heard the goldfinches and the great spotted woodpecker before I saw them.
Because my own voles are proving so tricky to photgraph at the moment, I've asked permission from Laurence Arnold to post a few of his superb photos on this blog. All Laurence's pictures were taken at the London Wetland Centre: , where next month a Water Vole Symposium is going to be held: .
Water voles feature in all the regional wetland centres: so if there are no wild voles near you, you could always take a trip to one of these nature reserves.


Linda said...

Well....He is a little cutie (Vole)

Kate said...

This is partly why they have so many fans, I suspect!