Friday, 28 March 2008

My pond's busy, anyway


Jane said...

Love this picture. I'm in the middle of planning a nature pond for my garden. Any tips? Jane

Kate said...

Well I wish, in retrospect, we'd left a shallow plane at one end because I worry about hedgehogs etc falling in and drowning (though since hedgehogs studiously avoid our garden this hasn't been a problem so far).

But having a waterfall-cum-rockery at one end has been brilliant, because all sorts of birds come and splash about in the little pools, and it never freezes up like the bird bath used to. I think a lot of amphibians hibernate under the rocks, too.

We bought out waterfall kit from Stapeley in Cheshire, but I bet most garden centres do them.

Oh, and we don't have goldfish! Husband pushed for them, but I held out for a fish-free zone. I gather they're not compatible with a lot of native pond wildlife.

Take some pics while you're constructing it, and post them up so we can admire!