Thursday, 1 November 2007

Well done BBC1

It was fabulous to see our water voles and the brook near Tesco featured on national prime-time tv! (Click to see the short film);oper_1=%3D%3D;val_1=vole;preferred_range_length=&;Template=map.tmpl;attrib_99=tag;oper_99=eq;val_99=derived~geolocatable

I can remember so clearly, at the first volunteer training day in April 2006, saying I was sure there were voles there, and a lot of people shaking their heads. Yet it's now recognized as the one public space round here where you can almost be guaranteed a sighting, as long as you go at the right time of day and year. So power to the voles, and to community volunteers here and across the country. It's wonderful seeing all those people working together to make a difference.

Still on The Nature of Britain, here's another clip showing Chester Zoo's captive breeding scheme:
And please, Mr Supermarket, can we sort these trolleys out?


Dave said...

Brill links!

Kate said...

It was a friend on the Wild About Britain forums who pointed me in the right direction! Don't know how long they'll stay live, but it's nice to have them. I've enjoyed looking at what other counties have been seeing, too.

Geraint said...

It was great to see the inspirational work of the Whitchurch group on 'Nature of Britain' last Wednesday-way to go!

Kate said...

And the Friends of the Wombrook!