Saturday, 13 January 2007


What was I saying about latrines? Pretty sure there's one here, on the left. Rat droppings are pointy at one end whereas vole ones are rounded, like those of guinea pigs. This little pile is at the bottom of the right hand bank as you stand on the bridge facing away from Tesco's.
More starry prints all the way along both sides.


dave said...

That all looks really encouraging. What sort of things do they feed on at this time of the year? Will they go for anything green? Apart from an abundance of grass there only seems a few other bits of vegetation about at the moment.

Kate said...

They're supposed to store food underground, like squirrels. I saw one chopping up an orange tuber last autumn in a driven kind of way, and someone told me about a farmer who'd accidentally broken into a water vole cache and found a stack of potatoes. One of their strengths is that they have a very wide diet. 'Anything green'? Pretty much, though I don't think they touch adult nettles.